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Labour law - rights and obligations for executives and HR managers


This professional guide describes the employment relationship from the establishment to the termination and the post-contractual obligations. Besides individual labour law, the fundamentals of collective labour law are explained.

The book is also available in English (SNP version), if you are interested in reading it, please drop us an email.

Lentföhr / Ostermaier / Vogt

Intellectual property - understanding and applying copyright, trademark, design and patent law


This professional guide offers a detailed introduction into copyright, trademark, design and patent law. Using numerous examples and practical tips it shows how intellectual creation is protected at a national, European and international level.

Lutz / Sander / Greger

German company law - how to find the right type of enterprise

Image     This professional guide provides the key features of company law, which are 
     indispensable for company founders as well as for those responsible in existing

The book is also available in English (SNP version), if you are interested in reading it, please drop us an email.

Ostermaier / Vogt / Vogt


Image      The Supply Chain Act introduces due diligence obligations for companies to prevent,
      minimise and avoid human rights and environmental risks in supply chains. risks in
      supply chains. This guide provides an overview of the new legal regulations and the
      expected effects on practice.       

      Dr. Kai-Oliver Giesa

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Product piracy - effective measures against plagiarism, idea rip-off and imitations


This professional guide shows how intellectual property protection is built and protective measures are  implemented in practice. Protect your product, your corporation and your employees.

Lutz / Greger / Hoffmeister / Leis / Losert / Sander / Seiffert / Wilke

Acquisition of a company - a guide to buying and selling

Image      This professional guide addresses itself in particular to entrepreneurs, owners and
      managers, as well as founders, who want to provide themselves a fast and
      nevertheless founded overview of the matter and usual operational sequences. The
      peculiarities of acquiring and selling companies are explained in an understandable
      way. This makes it easier for you to communicate with your contractual partners.

      Ostermaier / Vogt / Vogt

Vacation law - a sound handling of holiday entitlements


This professional guide helps you to avoid disputes in the field of vacation and leave of absence.

Girstmair / Ostermaier / Vogt