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Public procurement law

Public procurement law bearing the imprint of European law is not free of challenges not only for public authorities as customers, but also for undertakings with a private form of organization having to comply with public procurement law. Nevertheless, it opens up the opportunity to the customer to award contracts on a particularly economical basis. To the tenderer and to the potential contractor, it offers the guarantee to be able to claim and enforce a fair procurement procedure.

An optimum consulting on public procurement law issues is not only limited to the procurement procedure proper. The aim is to enter into a private-law contract requiring in-depth knowledge of the relevant contract law and of the specific sector. The experienced professionals of SNP Schlawien provide such services in connection with procurement procedures for insurance policies/company pension schemes, sectors and IT, buildings/architects' services, service contracts and supply contracts, to name just a few.

Our areas of expertise
  • Advice to procuring agencies
    For procuring agencies, we assess whether formalized procedures for the awarding of contracts have to be observed. We determine the best approach to reach the desired goal in the ranges of the upper and the lower thresholds for tenders. We provide support in initiating the procedure and with the especially important documentation. SNP Schlawien supports the customer with the answering of tenderer inquiries and the preparation of the award decision.

  • Advice to tenderers/contractors
    We provide advice to and represent tenderers/participants in competitions in order to safeguard their chances and rights in the procurement procedure in an optimal manner.

  • Judicial experience
    SNP Schlawien has the judicial experience to represent successfully the interests of the customer relating to the awarding decision or the tenderer's interests relating to the awarding in review proceedings and high-court appeal proceedings.