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Notarial advice

The notaries at our offices in Berlin and Frankfurt have been acting in all areas of notarial consulting, support and recording for many years. In addition they can draw from the expertise of lawyers from all areas of law and tax consultants of SNP Schlawien.


Our services include, but are not limited to:
company law:
  • consulting prior to business formation
  • formation of corporations and partnerships under German and foreign law
  • acquisition of shelf companies
  • control and profit transfer agreements
  • corporate acquisition (share deals/asset deals)
  • preparation, organization and holding of annual general meetings and shareholders' meetings
  • structural or corporate actions such as capital increase or reorganization processes, including merger, demerger, change of legal form
  • business succession


real estate law:
  • drafting, conclusion and implementation of real estate purchase agreements
  • review of draft contracts, particularly property developer agreements
  • notarial management of real estate projects
  • application for registration and cancellation of mortgages
  • granting of usufruct, easements, pre-emption rights
  • creation of home ownership and part-ownership
  • creation of hereditary building rights


law of succession and guardianship law:
  • advance healthcare directives, guardianship wills
  • drafting of wills in the private area
  • entrepreneurs' wills
  • drafting of contracts of inheritance
  • deeds of gift
  • petitions for certificate of inheritance and European Certificate of Succession, avoidance, declaration of waiver
  • drafting of catalogs of the estate
  • partitioning agreements between and among coheirs and executors of the estate


Our notaries can prepare recordings in German or English language. Due to the electronic access to nationwide land register and business register data, we can prepare and execute land and corporate transactions in a timely manner and irrespective of the location of the property or the company's head office.

Recordings can be prepared at our respective locations and - if circumstances so require (sickness, taking of minutes of a meeting) - also outside the offices in Berlin and Frankfurt on the spot.