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June 24, 2022
16 lawyers awarded by Best Lawyers and Handelblatt


In its ranking of "Best Lawyers in Germany's" or "Ones to Watch" this year, the Handelsblatt (issue of 24.6.2022) recommends a total of 16 lawyers from SNP Schlawien.

Honoured as "Best lawyers in Germany" were:

  • Hannes Dürr, Munich, in Real Estate Law
  • Peter Fabry, Munich, in tax law
  • Dr. Armin Fary, Munich, in corporate law
  • Dr. Max Greger, Munich, in IT law
  • Joachim Heffinger, Frankfurt am Main, in real estate law
  • Friedrich Kötter-Boisserée, Düsseldorf, in tax law
  • Christian Lentföhr, Düsseldorf, in labour law
  • Dr. Christian Ostermaier, Munich, in labour law
  • Richard Rummel, Freiburg, in corporate law
  • Burkhard Rüscher, Munich, in construction law
  • Dr. Philipp Schlawien, Munich, in corporate law
  • Tomas van Dorp, Munich, in labour law
  • Jens Nehm, Frankfurt am Main, in construction law
  • Gero Wilke, Freiburg, in IT law
  • Ulrich Weber, Berlin, in restructuring and insolvency law

Awarded in the rubric "Ones to watch" was:

  • Friederike Kaltefleiter, Leipzig, in data protection law.

The Handelsblatt's list includes the lawyers in Germany who are currently particularly recommended in their field of law. This selection is based on a comprehensive survey of lawyers by the specialist publisher "Best Lawyers".

We would like to thank all our colleagues who voted for us in this survey.