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Liability and insurance law

Points of contact with third party liability and insurance law are found in every sector of business and are extremely multifaceted, while conflicts are often bound to occur.

In the field of third party liability and insurance law, SNP Schlawien has many years of experience in representing and counseling in and out of court. For our clients we arrange for the adjustment of claims, the required representation in lawsuits, we conduct proceedings relating to indemnity cover and seek recourse. Our permanent clients include insurance entities, territorial authorities, hospitals, hospital funding entities, businesses, physicians and private persons. Whenever a conflict should arise, you may rely on the competent and multidisciplinary support by our teams. In lawsuits we act on a cross-location basis and throughout Germany. We help you to recognize problematic situations soon so as to prevent litigious disputes, and we provide advice when it comes to taking out new insurance policies and support for the enforcement of claims against the insurance entity.

Our areas of expertise
  • general third party liability insurance
  • general law of damages
  • medical liability
  • construction insurance law
  • D&O insurances
  • fire insurance
  • liability law of the liberal professions
  • household contents insurance
  • health insurance (damages due to accidents and personal injuries)
  • motor vehicle insurance
  • life and occupational disability insurance
  • private accident insurance
  • social security recourses
  • transport insurance
  • residential building insurance