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Ulrich Weber


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Insolvency law, business law, reorganisation law, corporate law, contract formulation, formation/start-up consulting, company funding, venture capital, participation of employees, consulting for managing boards and supervisory boards on strategic and liability-related issues, consulting to banks and public institutions, consulting to lawyers and freelancers on insolvency law issues and professional admission, many years of experience as receiver in insolvency in the operative and strategic business management.


Since more than 20 years, Ulrich Weber has been offering professional and innovative consulting in the field of business law, particularly insolvency law and restructuring law.

In 2007, he joined SNP and expanded the portfolio of the law office by the fields of insolvency law and restructuring law. Since then, he has been providing support to medium-sized companies of various sectors as consultant in business law and insolvency law issues.

Previously, for 15 years he had been a member of the renowned law firm Leonhardt & Partner and receiver in insolvency, trustee and special receiver appointed by the court. He established and headed the insolvency law department in the new Federal Lands and, in this context, he acquired ample experience with the liquidation of both complex major insolvency cases as well as medium-sized companies, but also with personal bankruptcy.

Companies, managing boards and shareholders appreciate his legal and economic expertise in connection with the drafting of contracts and the negotiations with the negotiating parties, and his comprehensive and far-sighted consulting, including complicated and sophisticated internal and external configurations. Ulrich Weber offers innovative and strategic solution concepts that are economically elaborate and really help the demanding clients.

Priority areas of his professional activity:

  • Consulting on reorganization and restructuring
  • Consulting to debtors and creditors prior to and in the course of the insolvency process
  • Enforcement of claims (reservations of title) in insolvency
  • Security management: Structuring and consulting of pools of banks and suppliers
  • Consulting to managing directors / management board members on liability issues and with relevance in criminal law
  • Draft and assessment of insolvency plans
  • Liquidation
  • Corporate acquisitions out of the insolvency process
  • Cooperation in the creditors’ committee
  • Over-indebtedness audits
  • Planning and implementation of debtor-in-possession management, protective umbrella procedure pursuant to the ESUG (Act on the Further Facilitation of the Reorganization of Enterprises).

His long experience and expertise is in demand throughout the country with established undertakings, company founders, even including the young founders’ scene. He is regarded as perfectly networked in the business world and with public institutions.

For years, Ulrich Weber has also been a “consultant of consultants”. He provides support and coaching to lawyers and freelancers requesting his absolutely confidential and highly specialized help in intricate property law issues.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Ulrich Weber is also a speaker and lecturer at various public and private training and continuing education institutions. For example, he is a lecturer for continuing legal education at the Berliner AnwaltVerein and a lecturer at the Verwaltungsakademie Berlin. In February 2021 he was appointed lecturer for law at the Landesinstitut für Schule und Medien Berlin-Brandenburg (LISUM).

For many years, he has been the co-author of the specialist book Lützenkirchen, Anwaltshandbuch Mietrecht, Mietrecht in der Insolvenz (Lawyers’ Manual, Law of Tenancy in Insolvency), Dr. Otto Schmidt Verlag (publishers), 5th edition 2015.

Among other activities, Ulrich Weber is engaged on a voluntary basis as consultant for the Berliner AnwaltVerein at the consulting center “Lawyers in financial difficulties”. He was recognised by Best Lawyers in the ranking "The Best Lawyers in Germany" in the area of Restructuring and Insolvency law and by Handelsblatt in the ranking "Germany's Best Lawyers 2021" in the area of Restructuring and Insolvency law.

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Attorney 1993


German, English


  • Weber, Ulrich: Gesetzliche Insolvenzantragspflicht für Corona-Krise ausgesetzt – Gefahr erkannt. Gefahr gebannt?, in: Berliner Anwaltsblatt, Juli/August 2020, S. 273-276
  • Weber, Ulrich: Mietrecht in der Insolvenz. In: Lützenkirchen, Klaus (Hrsg.): Anwalts-Handbuch Mietrecht, 5. Auflage, Dr. Otto Schmidt Verlag, Köln, 2015

Member of

  • Verband der Insolvenzverwalter Deutschlands e.V. (Association of German Receivers in Bankruptcy)
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Insolvenzrecht im Deutschen Anwaltverein (DAV) (Project Group Bankruptcy Law in the German Bar Association)
  • Berlin/Brandenburger Arbeitskreis für Insolvenzrecht e.V. (Working Group for Bankruptcy Law in the Federal Lands of Berlin and Brandenburg)
  • Verein zur Förderung des Bilanz- und Steuerrechts Berlin Brandenburg e.V. (Association for the Promotion of Accounting & Reporting Law and Tax Law in the Federal Lands of Berlin and Brandenburg)
  • Honorary advisor at the Berlin Bar Association for lawyers in financial trouble