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Moritz Pohle, LL.M. Eur

Certified banking and capital markets law attorney

Specialists area


As a certified banking and capital markets law attorney Moritz Pohle advises various credit institutes and financial service institutions and represents them throughout Germany in disputes in and out of court. He also advises medium-sized enterprises from different industries in contractual matters and takes over their legal representation. Mr. Pohle also holds supervisory board mandates, most recently with a bank that operates as a securities specialist on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and previously as a member of the administrative board of a fund company in Luxembourg.

He studied law at the universities of Marburg and Freiburg, and European and international and business law at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (LL.M.Eur). Having completed his judicial service training at the court of first instance in Freiburg, Moritz worked in the offices of a law firm in London before joining SNP in January 2001. After about ten years in the Munich office, Mr. Pohle established our new location in Freiburg.


Attorney 2000
Certified banking and capital markets law attorney


German, English


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Member of

  • Deutscher Anwaltverein e.V. (DAV - German Association of Attorneys)
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht im Deutschen Anwaltverein e.V. (Workgroup for banking and capital markets law - German Association of Attorneys)
  • Bankrechtliche Vereinigung - Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Bankrechte e.V. (Banking Law Association - Scientific Society for Banking Law)