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Dr. Wolf Beck

Certified commercial and corporate law attorney

Specialists area


Dr. Wolf Beck advises and represents corporations and partnerships as well as their executive bodies and shareholders in all areas of corporate law.

One focus of his work is assisting managing directors, board members, supervisory board members and other board members in fulfilling their legal duties (so-called corporate housekeeping), for example in preparing and conducting shareholders' meetings and general meetings.

Another focus of Dr. Beck's work is the drafting of articles of association and accompanying regulations such as pool, shareholder and investment agreements. In this area, he frequently advises family businesses in which the shareholder base is expanding due to the inclusion of the next generation, as well as start-ups in financing rounds.

In addition, Dr. Beck advises in particular

  • on the formation of companies,
  • on the structuring of groups of companies, in particular through transformations,
  • on the acquisition and sale of companies and shareholdings, including the prior performance of due diligence, and
  • on the rights of shareholders vis-à-vis their co-partners and the company.

In inheritance law, his focus is on the drafting of wills and inheritance contracts.

Due to his work and experience in corporate and inheritance law, Dr. Beck frequently advises in the area of corporate succession.

In the field of intellectual property, Dr. Beck primarily advises on competition law, trademark law and the protection of trade secrets.

In addition to his advisory work, Dr. Beck has many years of extensive experience in court.


Attorney 2009
Certified commercial and corporate law attorney


German, English


Member of

  • German Bar Association (DAV)
  • Freiburg Bar Association e. V.
  • Working Group on Commercial and Corporate Law of the Freiburg Bar Association