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Peter Fabry

Tax advisor
Certified tax law attorney
Certified consultant for criminal tax law (DAA)

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Peter Fabry's consulting focus is on national and international tax structuring consulting for larger medium-sized companies, real estate tax law, asset and succession planning for companies and private individuals, and tax defense consulting. As a certified consultant for criminal tax law (DAA), his special focus is on the avoidance of criminal tax offences and tax compliance.

For years he has been co-author of the Handbuch GmbH-Beratung für Gesellschafts- und Steuerrecht (Handbook on Corporate and Tax Law) published by Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt, Cologne, and is regularly awarded by Best Lawyers in the ranking "The Best Lawyers in Germany" for Tax law and by Handelsblatt in the ranking "Germany's Best Lawyers" in the area of Tax law.

Before joining SNP Schlawien in December 2020, he was a partner in a leading German commercial law firm in the tax department.



Attorney 1990
Tax advisor
Certified consultant for criminal tax law (DAA)


German, English


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