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Markus Kimpel

Certified insurance law attorney

Specialists area

Liability and insurance law, Real Estate and construction law


In his capacity as certified insurance law attorney, Markus Kimpel specializes in all the areas of property insurance and insurance of persons. He provides comprehensive advice to and representation of insurance holders, insurance providers and insurance brokers. His long-standing practical experience covers mostly client assignments relating to building insurance (water damage, damage by fire, storm damage), home content insurance, business interruption insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, permanent disability insurance and health insurance. His activity in the field of liability law encompasses particularly property damage liability law, D&O insurance law, business liability insurance, product liability and medical practitioner's liability law.

Moreover, he has comprehensive knowledge and experience in private and public construction law as well as in tenancy law and condominium law. His clients include building owners, craft businesses, building contractors and architects, private tenants and commercial lessees, as well as homeowners, owners' associations and managers.

Markus Kimpel studied law at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg im Breisgau and took his "Assessor" (fully qualified lawyer) exam in Dusseldorf. Subsequently, he worked with a medium-sized law firm with the areas of expertise of insurance law and private construction law before he changed to the law firm Jacobs & Partner in 2013, which joined SNP Schlawien with the entire team in 2016.


Attorney 2006
Certified insurance law attorney


German, English, French


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