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Italian Desk

Our Italian Desk is designed to advise both Italian clients and clients from the D/A/CH region (German-speaking countries Germany / Austria / Switzerland) in all areas of business law. Our focus is mainly on legal particularities and issues in connection with the organization and implementation of economic activities in Germany or Italy, respectively, e.g. advice to clients desirous to enter the Italian or German market.

Another focus of the Italian Desk is on the German-Italian law of succession. Since the enacting of the new European Succession Regulation (Brussels IV), the last habitual residence of the deceased is decisive for the question of the applicable law. In cases of succession with connection to Italy, it can therefore occur that Italian law applies unintentionally, while cases of succession with common points with both German law and Italian law are frequently very complex.

With Professor Rainer Hausmann, the former holder of the chair for civil law, private international law, international procedural law, comparative law and European private law at the University of Constance, the Italian Desk of SNP Schlawien has a proven expert in the field of German-Italian law. Professor Hausmann is the author and publisher of a large number of commentaries and specialist books on European private and procedural law and, for many years, he was a member of the board of directors of the Association for the Exchange of Ideas between German and Italian Legal Professionals.

The consultants of our team speak Italian fluently and are perfectly familiar with the business practice and the differences of mentality of both countries in addition to the relevant legal systems. They act as your principal contact and will involve additional specialists, if required.

International Exchange

In addition, a particular strong point of our Italian Desk is the long-standing cooperation with our Italian partners, amongst others the law firm Studio Legale Giammarco Russolo in Trent and LT Legal in Bolzano and Verona. Owing to this cooperation, we can offer bilingual advice also by the Italian avvocati.


Studio Legale Giammarco Russolo
Viale della Costituzione 33
38122 Trent, Italy

Telephone: +39 0461 021021


LT Legal
Piazza Gries 11/c
39100 Bolzano, Italy

Telephone: +39 0471 400006


A Selection of our Range of Consulting

  • Choice of the appropriate legal form, incorporation of companies, as well as other advice in connection with planning the market entry
  • General advice on commercial law and corporate law issues (e.g. on intragroup reorganization)
  • (Cross-border) mergers & acquisitions, private equity, as well as venture capital (e.g. acquisition of interests in companies in Italy and/or Germany)
  • Drafting and negotiation of distribution agreements, commercial agency agreements and agency agreements
  • Defense of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and designs
  • Other general support for the ongoing business activity
  • Receivables management
  • Conduct of cases and legal advice in lawsuits
  • Administrative accounting and payroll accounting, drafting of annual financial statements and tax returns


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