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IT law

Nowadays, business organizations of any size cannot be imagined without information technology (IT) anymore. Concurrently, the intervals become increasingly shorter within which they are confronted with not only technically more and more sophisticated options and ensuing questions, but often with considerable legal risks, too. For this reason, we advise and assist you in connection with all your IT proposals and projects from the outset, and lend you our support in case of dispute for the enforcement of your rights both in and out of court.

Our team consists of specialized (certified) attorneys at law with long-standing practical experience in the field of IT law who contribute the required technical insight in addition to their legal knowledge and expertise.

Our Areas of Expertise

IT agreements/licenses

  • drafting and negotiation of software/hardware agreements and IT service agreements
  • consulting on the planning and implementation of IT projects
  • drafting and negotiation of cooperation/outsourcing agreements for IT processes and business processes (BPO)
  • agreements on the transfer/licensing of software and know-how
  • agreements on IT consulting services and freelancer agreements
  • legal advice and contract drafting regarding open source software and cloud computing
  • (public) tenders for the procurement of systems and services

E-commerce, m-commerce, internet law

  • general terms and conditions of business and terms of online use for B2C/B2B marketplaces
  • agreements on the structuring/use of internet presences (web design, web content, hosting, web shop systems, etc.)
  • advice on domain agreements and support in domain disputes
  • guidelines on the use of social media and the internet at the workplace

Data privacy

  • drafting of data privacy statements and user acceptance statements
  • preparation of required documentation (procedure indices, policies, statements of acceptance and agreements on order data processing)
  • in-house data privacy rules (works agreements on information and telecommunications technology, rules for the use of email and internet at the workplace)
  • advice on the compliance with data protection law requirements
  • data protection audits, support of the company's or an external data protection officer
  • assessment whether projects are permitted under data protection law aspects
  • representation to data protection authorities, support in case of official requests and inspections

Processes and arbitration

  • license conflicts
  • contentious disputes concerning IT projects
  • representation in court and in arbitration proceedings by counsel